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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      Don Dupre
      Louisiana Fresh

      Great job
      Love the Bracelet
      This my three piece of jewelry from you guys

      Mike B
      Love it

      Couldn't be happier! Quality is amazing, links are perfect, box lock works perfect nice and tight, and this thing shines like crazy! Will definitely be back

      Justin Freeman
      GOS 10mm cuban bracelet

      Quality is very good and you can tell it was really well constructed, box lock is a little loose but that is expected from gold over silver due to silver being softer than 14k gold solid, the color is beautiful. The only thing i wish was a little faster was the shipping i ended up waiting almost 12 weeks but it was around the holidays so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt overall great product

      DeeJea Smith
      Kind of Disappointed

      Had an order placed as a gift for my husband and I on the 8th of October by his, now, late grandmother. I was gifted a 7inch 10 mm bracelet and he was gifted a 10mm 20 inch chain.

      Was a bit late but figured that its ok bc the quality would speak for itself and look like it was worth the wait. After all it was a gift so I cannot complain in that department. But when I got the bracelet I was sort of put off by the sheer fact that if you look close there are some edges that have been misfiled, some tiny pinholes where soldering should have been better and there a scratches under the plating that are visible to the naked eye in the light. The clasp doesn't stay put and the figure 8 on one side of the box lock is stuck. I understand that the demand for these is high and these guys work their dick off to make sure we get good quality products for our money. But this really fell short for me, especially bc the person who gifted it to me is no longer here. Nearly 2.5 months of waiting only for it to fall short on quality. I know these guys make good items bc I have SEEN them, I have touched them and I have worn them. But this one is not it. My husband, who was offered a refund, had to return his necklace for repairs bc the quality on his was far worse than mine with a big gash out of one link as well as open weld points and red dust in between the links and box clasp. I might just put this in a drawer and keep it there for sentimental reasons but to say I am disappointed would be a massive understatement.

      Please note: A refund cannot be accepted on these as the person who purchased them passed away therefor the cards used to purchase no longer work so that is not something that would be possible and that is NOT the fault of Gold Fever Miami.

      Patrick Alzugaray

      Overall it was tremendous work , thank you guys very much , I just wish the plating was better it came off so quick literally in 2 days