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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 50 reviews
      Flawless Necklace & Bracelet

      Ordered 10mm 26" Cuban necklace & 12mm
      Cuban bracelet and both are flawless. Placed order
      and received both two and a half weeks later.
      Definitely planning to order from them again.

      Brandon Gonzalez
      10MM GOS Cuban

      Very impressed. Tight links , filed amazingly , hangs straight , sits on neck very nicely , overall a beautiful product. Worth the wait !

      Could have been amazing

      I honestly don't think that Gold Fever Miami really care to much about the GOS chains and bracelets. They prioritize the gold items over the GOS, and pay WAY more attention to detail and make sure the "real" gold items are perfect. If I had ordered my 10mm 24" GOS chain in 10k or 14k, I would have been so pissed I would have flown to Miami and thrown it right at the guy who filed this chain. Now I'm not 100% disappointed in my chain, I just can see how much better it could have been. I've let the crew at Gold Fever Miami know how disappointed I am and I have never heard back from them to try and rectify my issues. I'll bet dollars to donuts they haven't tried to fix anyone's GOS chain or bracelet, they just don't care. BUT if it was a "real" gold item worth 5-10 grand I bet they would have, because they could care less about us GOS lovers buying from them again because they don't make nearly as much money off us.

      Michael Muse

      Just got my chain in the mail … good color … nice weight …. Not a kink in it ….. will be returning REAL SOON


      Great work ! Beautiful job on chain.