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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Brock Ward
      Unacceptable wait time and gold plating.

      I placed my order on May 24th and did not receive it until 15 weeks later on September 7th. For two and a half weeks, “it was sitting in a box in their shop” and didn’t get sent until I called numerous times and sent numerous IG messages. When I unboxed the bracelet I was surprised to find that the gold plating was super orange, pitted in places, and had some dark spots on it. Also, I couldn’t even fit it around my wrist in comparison to my 10mm which is also 8” and fits perfect. I ordered my 12mm bracelet in confidence as I have 2 other pieces from GFM that are beautiful and well done. The only option the owner gave me to resolve the issue was to pay a $120 repair fee to add links and to pay an additional $43 to make it 9”. After waiting 15 weeks, I was highly disappointed that they asked me to pay more than half the cost of the original bracelet to make it right. This was a big let down as all the other pieces I have received from them have been fire. I’m a guy who believes in brand loyalty but I don’t believe in companies who don’t take care of their customers. Yeah it may not be a solid piece but that shouldn’t matter at all. Needless to say I have returned the bracelet and will be spending my money elsewhere.

      Efren Mendieta
      Ended up canceling

      I know they take over 4 weeks. I ordered in 5/5/2021. It was 7/16/2021 and I kept getting told it’s shipping out next week. So I canceled. I know they do good work. Just be honest about the due date.

      Ronald sousa

      12 MM CUBAN LINK BRACELET (14k Gold over 999 Silver) MEDIUM

      Victor Hernandez

      The bracelet is A1 it fit perfect but there’s some dark spots and dark stains like burn marks idk what they are I sent a video to you guys but haven’t gotten a reply other wise it’s straight

      Stu S
      Very nice bracelet.

      This bracelet looks and fit perfect. It has a nice shine to it and the workmanship is great. It was handmade so it took 8 weeks to make and sent to me. Would buy again.