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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews

      Looks good!! just wish the timing was a little quicker

      They are scammers

      Once they get your money they never talk to you again they suck at communicating and it takes forever to get what you ordered they are horrible here

      William Hernandez
      Lack Communication

      Ordered multiple items and they really took a very long time to arrive each piece was a different color then the other the lock was poorly made it broke within the first couple of weeks asked to get my chain re-platted due to the color not lasting long at all never got a response no one ever picks up the phone there this has probably been the worst experience I have ever encountered the sucky part is, is that the links in the chain are made so beautifully and craftsman ship on the tight flat link on the Cuban bracelet and necklace are amazing (besides the figure 8 lock that broke within weeks of wearing it) I wish they were more professional here if so I would purchase every piece of jewelry I ever wanted or need from them but unfortunately their not and it blows, customers are not their primary care here and it shows when an issues arise

      Gerson Castillo
      Worst expirience ever

      Worst expirience ever 4 months waiting and at the end never shipped it every week with a different story had to jump on instagram comments to get a refund and still didnt get the full refund besides from the 120 dollars from the phone bill my father got from calling these people this was the worst experience I ever got buying anything online THE WORST

      No response

      Been trying to get an update and I get no response on their ig nor email