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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Brock Roulier

      Beautiful chain and the diamond lock came out great. My second order from Gold Fever. Highly recommend

      Quality Silver MIAMI Cuban Link Chain

      I am extremely impressed with the product that I received. The piece is a silver 12mm 22in Miami cuban link chain. I don’t know how they polished it, but it shines and glistens like crazy! The links are super tight. Reasonable time frame and chain was delivered in the estimated time. Super satisfied and would do business with Gold Fever Miami again.

      12mm 26” Miami Cuban with sleek lock

      This is the third Miami Cuban bought from GFM it’s in just as phenomenal as the last two I added a sleek lock to the necklace and man does it’s pop the pictures don’t do it justice thanks Chino and the talented craftsman who make these wearable art pieces possible

      Silver Miami Cuban Link Chain

      Great product! Will purchase more in the future.

      Alex R
      My new favorite chain

      I placed an order around October 8th of 2021 and received it a few days before Halloween. First impressions, I love how the chain sits and the craftsmanship of it. I will state that the only issue I had was that the box lock clasp was too loose to where the figure 8 clasps were the only thing keeping it locked. I did everything recommended and it did not solve my issue. The reason why I still give this piece a 5 star review is the customer service. I live maybe an hour or so from their store. I messaged them on Instagram telling them the issue I had. They told me to stop by that same week so they could fix it. I walked in later that week and mentioned I had contacted them about the loose lock. They took it in the back, fixed it, cleaned it and gave it back to me within an hour. This was around the time they had the Black Friday sale. Now my lock is extremely tight to where I don't have to worry about the lock coming undone. I will be buying a 14mm 8.5 inch silver bracelet from them soon