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      Gold Fever Miami makes every chain and bracelet by hand. After ensuring each piece is properly polished and balanced the piece is moved to the coating are where it receives several coats of real gold.

      The piece first endures an extensive ultra-sonic cleaning. It then undergoes a second cleaning process assuring that all unwanted oils or contaminates are removed, the piece is moved to a sterile environment where it is placed in the first stage of plating.

      During the first stage of coating the piece is left until the entire piece has bonded with gold. The piece is then removed polished again and sent for cleaning again. This ensures a clean polished surface which will allow the second coat of gold to maintain the same great finish.

      The piece is then placed for a second time in the coating solution and left for an extended amount of time. This allows the second coat of gold to bond itself to the first coat of gold creating a very thick layer of gold. Again, the piece is removed, and the polishing and cleaning process is repeated.