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      As a small boy growing up in Miami Dade County I remember seeing the fashion of Miami change. One thing that never changed though, was the love for jewelry. Anyone who was anyone wore some type of jewelry, a nice watch a nice chain a nice bracelet something. As years went by I created Gold Fever Miami and like many others learned the "business". 


      One thing that always got to me was the fact that the working man that would love to own the nicer pieces had to choose settling for smaller pieces or low end pieces based soleley on the price of gold. As years went by I learned and perfected the art of coating silver with real gold. This provided me an alternative to individuals who wanted to purchase a jewelry piece that not only looks and feels identical to real gold, but also maintained monetary value. Silver  to this day a high sought after highly traded commodity. 


      All to often I see consumers purchasing alternatives to precious metals at outrages prices. This is when Gold Fever Miami launched our Gold over Silver Line. We offer handmade Cuban Link Jewelry that is allergen free. We do not use nickel , copper or any type of metals other then Silver and Gold. We are so confident in our product  that we offer a six month warranty on all of our products. Any thing happens to the finishing Gold Fever Miami will repair it no questions asked.