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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Josephine Sosa
      Thank you!

      just wanted to comment that I called your place of business on two separate occasions inquiring about the timing of my order, both times the gentleman that answered the phone was patient, courteous and kind… I mention this because these days it is difficult to find that kind of customer service so thank you very much!
      My husband loved his gift, the quality of your work is amazing.

      Looks orange not gold

      I bought this chain based on a review from a YouTube channel called Cuba Know. The piece in the review looked like a real gold piece. The piece that I received, was orange like cheese. I sent it back for an exchange, and received another piece that was not only orange but too long as well. Sent it back and continued to receive the runaround from the owners about getting a refund for weeks. Finally had to get a refund from PayPal because the owners didn’t stand up to their word. Harlem bling does gold over silver and it actually looks like gold not cheese. I do not recommend this company. Over $1600 almost down the drain. And now, Gus has opened up another jewelry company under a different name selling the same cheese looking chains SMH beware

      Adrian Sadler
      Great customer service

      5 star service

      Jaurvoisier Merritt
      Better than I expected 😳

      If compared to these Cubans, there are no other Cubans! Thanks Gus! Your customer service is IMPECCABLE! AND YOUR CUBAN LINKS ARE A WORK OF F#@$ING ART!

      eli farelus