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      Customer Reviews

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      Would rather return it

      I waited quite a while for this chain. Didnt realize they were backordered so long when I placed the order so I called after a few weeks. They were backordered or rather backed up on making orders. He said he could try to make mine quicker and I told him no just do it as you normally would. I didnt want any reason for the chain to be rushed. I purchased this chain simply to decide on whether I wanted a real one, how it would feel with that much weight on my neck and whether I could everyday wear a real one. I wasnt expecting it to last for ever and the plating wouldnt be very durable. But after it came I noticed the plating between links isnt very good from the get go and the first stage on locking clasp doesnt work. It doesnt click and pulls right back out. Paid about 1k for it with low expectations for longevity but got even lower product results and will probably give it away. Certainly wont be buying the real one from a place like this. I guess I went cheap and this is what I get....

      Excellent service

      Recommend 💯 perfect cuban chain👍

      super happy

      the chain is the perfect size. Im super happy with the look and feel of this chain. A real Cuban Link the links were tight and flat the way a Cuban link is supposed to look.